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Saturday, May 26, 2018
Best Buys for Non-communicable diseases

Work on best buys for obesity related Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) was funded by grant support from IDRC Canada and includes: 

The Economic and Health Impacts of Legislative and Fiscal Policies to improve Nutrition in South Africa

This project focuses on nutritional policy in South Africa and includes: 

- Impact of salt in processed food

- Evaluation of the known evidence for taxes on Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) and potential impact on consumption levels

Potential impact on obesity of a 20% SSB tax 

Trends and impact of increased SSB consumption on obesity in SA

Cost effectiveness of a 20% SSB tax to reduce/avert type 2 diabetes and stroke

- The cost of inaction

This project also includes analyses of the sugar industry in SA, food labelling, and obesogenic environments.

In order to gain some insight into the knowledge and perceptions of sugar content in SSBs an online survey was created and distributed among staff members of the Wits School of Public Health. The results showed that members of staff at the Wits SPH had inaccurate perceptions of how much sugar they were consuming from SSBs.