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Saturday, May 26, 2018


Science Daily-23 Dec 2015 South Africa's child mortality reduction deemed 'a successful failure' Aviva Tugendhaft, Karen Hofman

BD Live, 12 December 2014- We need better value from every rand we spend on healthcare in South Africa, Aviva Tugendhaft and Karen Hofman.



27 Nov 2017 - South Africa moves one step closer to a sugar tax – and a healthier - Karen Hofman

24 May 2017 - Big alcohol is poised to expand into Africa. Why this is bad news for health. Karen Hofman and Charles Parry    

25 August  2016, South Africans have a sweet tooth so shouldn’t say no to a sugar tax, Karen Hofman, Aviva Tugendhaft

24 November 2015 - Obesity: Why South Africans Need to Can Soft Drinks. Aviva Tugendhaft and Karen Hofman.

Health24-23 Nov 2015 Why South Africans need to can soft drinks Aviva Tugendhaft

31 August 2015- Why Greater Transparency on Food Packaging Should get the Green Light, Aviva Tugendhaft and Karen Hofman.

22 July 2015- Stillbirths: a Story of Tragic Neglect Across the Developing World, Karen Hofman.


Medical Xpress-09 Jan 2018 Capitalising on consumers' sweet spot has dangerous implications ...Karen Hofman

Politicsweb-07 Jan 2018 Limitations of the Sugar Tax Karen Hofman and Aviva Tugendhaft

Times LIVE-15 Dec 2017 How the sugar tax will work

Eyewitness News-07 Dec 2017 [LISTEN] Sugary drinks tax passed Aviva Tugendhaft

eNCA -26 Nov 2017 SA moves one step closer to a sugar tax, and a healthier lifestyle Karen Hofman Aviva Tugendhaft

SowetanLIVE-25 Oct 2017 Smaller soft drink sizes leave bitter taste of shrinkflation Aviva Tugendhaft

Herald live-25 Oct 2017 Things go smaller with Coca-Cola Karen Hofman

Independent Online-13 Oct 2017 Excess fat causing multiple amputations Karen Hofman

Times LIVE-19 Sep 2017 Energy drinks on the rise in SA Karen Hofman 

Independent Online-08 May 2017 Sugar tax, a small price to pay for saving lives - expert Karen Hofman 

eNCA -12 Mar 2017 Health-e News: Diabetes moves up the Killer Charts   Karen Hofman 

News24-03 May 2017 Diabetes risk because of status Karen Hofman 

Mail & Guardian-23 Feb 2017 Sugar tax only for the sweetestAviva Tugendhaft

Daily Maverick, 6 Feb 2017 - Health system is collapsing under the burden of chronic disease   

Fin 24, 5 Feb 2017 - Sugar Tax: A bitter debate

City Press, 5 Feb 2017 - Sugar Tax: A bitter debate

Health-e News, 1 Feb 2017 - Sugar tax debate reaches parliament

Biznews, 1 Feb 2017 - Protagonists all in a fizz over sugar-sweetened drinks tax

Daily Maverick-31 Jan 2017  Health-e: Sugary drinks tax reaches Parliament Karen Hofman 

702 Radio, 31 Jan 2017 - As the price of sugar goes up, consumption will go down

Daily Maverick, 31 Jan 2017 - Health-e: Sugary drinks tax reaches Parliament

Mail and Guardian, 27 Jan 2017 - Bitter exchanges sour sweet talk

Sunday Times, 5 Oct 2016 - The proposed introduction of tax on sugar-sweetened beverages is hopefully going to stop the poor from drinking more sugary drinks which are harmful to their health.

BusinessTech-01 Sep 2016 How much sugar do we drink in South Africa? Here are the facts

Medical Xpress-30 Aug 2016 Economists say sugar taxes likely to be effective Aviva Tugendhaft 

The Conversation, 25 Aug 2016 - South african’s have a sweet tooth so shouldn’t say no to a sugar tax

Northcliff Melville Times-21 May 2016 A moment on the lips, a long term health risk Aviva Tugendhaft

Health24-21 Apr 2016 Bring on sugar tax say SA's top health experts Aviva Tugendhaft

Celebrating Progress Africa-29 Feb 2016 South Africa: Sugar tax confirmed for 2017 Aviva Tugendhaft

Health24-26 Feb 2016 Sugar tax gets sweet support in News24 poll

BusinessTech-24 Feb 2016 Sugar tax confirmed for South Africa in 2017 Aviva Tugendhaft

702 Radio, 24 Feb 2016 - Sugar Tax: A “great move by Treasury”

Mail & Guardian Online-04 Feb 2016 Tax on soft drinks could benefit obese SA Aviva Tugendhaft

Health24-21 Jan 2016 Is a sugar tax really on the cards for SA? Aviva Tugendhaft

Health 24, 21 January 2016 - Is a Sugar Tax Really on the Cards for SA? Adiel Ismail. 

BusinessTech-19 Dec 2015 Soft drinks and juices lead the way to obesity in SA

Soft drinks will increase obesity in SA  28 November 2015 - Aviva Tugendhaf and Karen Hofman

24 November 2015 - Obesity: Why South Africans Need to Can Soft Drinks. Aviva Tugendhaft and Karen Hofman.

BD Live, 26 February 2015- Traffic light labels will help in right food choices, Karen Hofman, Jessie Mandle and Aviva Tugendhaft.

Business Day, 25 August 2014- Letter: Blowing Smoke, Yussuf Saloojee.

Business Day, 20 August 2014 - Sugar tax mooted to save lives and money, Tamar Kahn.

Business Day 29 May, 2014 - SA is failing to escape trends to obesity, Tamar Kahn.

Daily Dispatch 6 Feb 2014, pg 6 - Government considers “sugar tax” for South Africa.

BD Live- 5 February 2014 pg. 1- State ponders 'sugar tax' to fight cancer, Tamar Kahn.

Daily Dispatch. 21 Jan 2014, pg 1 - SA mulls soft drink tax in war on sugar, Katherine Child.

Financial Mail, 18 December Health and lifestyle: The cost of obesity – Andile Makholwa.

SA Government Online, 21 August 2014- MEC Mahlangu welcomes 'sugar tax' recommendation, Gauteng Health.

Mail and Guardian, 20 August 2014- SA's weight war: Sugar gets a kick in the cans, Amy Green. 

Saturday Star, 25 Jan 2014 pg 9- Bitter truth about sugar – it makes  our kids fat, Sheree Bega.

Saturday weekend Argus, 25 Jan 2014, pg 7 - Wits researchers take on sugar to fight SA obesity, Sheree Bega.

Herald, 21 Jan, 2014, pg 5 - Soft drinks tax could out sugar intake, Katherine Child.

Sowetan, 20 August 2014 pg. 17 – SA Tops in Sub-Saharan Africa with Fatties, Aviva Tugendhaft, Karen Hofman and Mercy Manyema.

The Times, 2 October 2014- Get Coked on juice, Katharine Child.

Wits News, August 2014 - Sugar tax on drinks may reduce obesity, Wits News

Times live 13 May – Plan to flight life style diseases, Katherine Child.

The Times, 21 Jan 2014, pg 8 - Soft drink tax takes aim at the sweet life, Katherine Child.

Wits Leader Edition 1 , 2014. Leading Research – Sweet drinks to dissolve like a lump of sugar.


Nutrition Society of South Africa,  May 2014 - Benifits of Salt Reduction in South African Food. 

Business Day 8 November 2013- Ads prohibition drives one to drink, David Gleason.

Business Day 30 October 2013 - Applaud alcohol bill, Karen Hofman.

The Star 2 April 2013– Why you can’t resist a crisp, John Nash.

Business Day 22 March 2013 – State extends deadline for salt content compliance, Tamar Kahn.

Business Day, 20 March 2013 - Motsoaledi defends strict regulations, Khulekani Magubane.

Times Live, 6 February 2013 - Obesity in SA tips the scales, Kathernine Child.

SA Food Review page 23 August 2012 – Health and Wellbeing.

Independent, Saturday 4 August 2012 – Health chiefs declare war to take salt away.

Cape Argus, 1 August 2012 – Reducing salt content in food will help save lives.

Business Day 31 July 2012  - Cutting salt content in bread will raise price, bakers say, Tamar Kahn.

Saturday Star 28 July 2012 - Salt – it stands for Simply Add (a) Little touch..

Die Burger 27 July 2012 -  Minder sout in kos sal beroertes voorkom, sê navorsers, Elsebe Brits.

Business Day  24 July 2012 - Regulating salt content ‘will increase price of bread’, Tamar Kahn.

IOL Lifestyle 24 July 2012  -  SA Food’s salt content to be regulated, Sipokazi Fokazi.

The Times – 23 July 2012 - Get healthy – or else, Katherine Child.

Wits News 19 July 2012 - Wits team helps curb SA’s salt intake, Wits University.

Business Day 16 July 2012 - State wants South Africans to halve salt intake, but allows more time, Tamar Kahn.

Phuza Wise Supplement in Mail & Guardian 11 November 2011 – Prevention matters for a healthier SA, Karen Hofman and Stephen Tollman.

Business Day - Sept 2011 - Diseases that are just as serious as HIV/AIDS, Karen Hofman and Stephen Tollman. 

Business Day 1 June 2011 – Law to cut salt content in South African’s diet, Tamar Kahn.


Quartz  25 May 2017 The global alcohol business is expanding in Africa and that's bad ...