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Saturday, May 26, 2018
About Us

PRICELESS SA (Priority Cost Effective Lessons for System Strengthening South Africa) is a programme to enable smart decisions about health investments in South Africa. We provide information that will improve the way in which resources are allocated and priorities are set for those individual interventions, clinical services, and heath technologies which affect population health.

Because certain disease risk factors are responsible for the highest burden of disease, an understanding of which interventions are most effective in addressing these high burden conditions has considerable impact on population health. The aim of the initiative, launched in 2009, is to support the development of evidence-based information and tools to determine how best to use existing scarce resources so that the health system works more effectively and efficiently. 

In performing this research we engage with policymakers and strive to strengthen expertise in health economics.

Analyses and evaluations are led by staff and are based on available secondary data from South Africa.